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CTIC is an authorized entity by ACT – Autoridade para as Condições de Trabalho (Working Conditions Authority), to provide safety external services at work. CTIC supports companies in what concerns consulting and technical assistance in several areas, by taking the necessary measures to prevent occupational hazards and promoting the workers safety, namely:

  • Work Safety organization, concerning the procedures and operating standards;
  • Hazard identification and risks assessment at work;
  • Prevention Plan of Occupational Hazards development;
  • Participation in the Internal Emergency Plan development (Including specific plans for fire fighting, facilities evacuation and first aid assistance);
  • Preparation of the Internal Security Plan - Implementation of Self-protection measures
  • Collaboration for designing locations, work methods and organization, as well as choosing and maintaining work equipment, signaling, collective and individual protection equipment;
  • Conception and development of a Training and Information program to promote health and safety at work;
  • Coordination of the procedures to follow in case of serious and imminent danger;
  • Support the information and consulting to workers' representatives for health and safety at work or, in case they failed, to the workers themselves;
  • Attend the execution of preventive measures;
  • Development of mandatory notifications, in case of work accident or occupational disease and examine their causes;
  • Coordination and control of internal audits and inspections;
  • Causes of work accident or occupational diseases analysis, by drawing the reports;
  • Collect and organize statistical data concerning safety and health at work.
  • Carry out identification and estimation technical studies, namely:
    • lighting estimation;
    • thermal comfort and stress estimation;
    • Chemical contaminants and dust estimation;
    • Workplace noise estimation.







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